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We understand running a rental property can be a tough. Need-A-Maid will help you make this process hassle-free with our hotel quality care for your properties you can relax knowing that your next turn-over cleaning will be top-notch and your guest will be delighted. We know how important cleanliness is to the success of your business, this is why we take a serious approach in finding the right pro for your Airbnb, and having direct communication with them is key. Let us take care of your properties' turn-over so you can go back to focusing on growing your business.

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Our Goal

Superb Quality and Efficient Turnovers

To maintain a high rating on your Rental Properties it goes without saying that cleanliness is a top priority for all Guest's

Need-A-Maid Pros not only have many years of experience in the hospitality industry but perform their jobs with passion and care adding a touch of love on each turnover that your guest are sure to notice.

Why Choose us for Your Airbnb Turnovers?

Scale your business with our worry-free turnover cleaning.

Experienced Pro

We Hand-Pick our Pros who go through our stringent certification process to ensure that your cleanings are of top quality.

Simple Scheduling

Communication is key when it comes to operating your Rental Properties, we set it up so you can have a direct communication with your Pro.

Quality Turnovers

Your Rental Properties will be less of a hassle and more of the passive income you always envisioned it would be, let us handle the hard stuff for you.


Updated Protocols

To promote the health and safety of our guests, homeowners, and teams, we’re taking the following actions as part of our cleaning with care program.
We’ve introduced additional disinfection steps to our cleaning process making sure our Pros spends more time on high-touch areas and wearing their PPE at all times while inside the homes.


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